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What do witchcraft, satanism, and the Salem witch trials have in common? More than you'd think!

Join us for a walking tour of Salem, free of supernatural or superstitious influences. A unique and modern perspective that can only be brought to you by experienced local witches, historians, and an Ordained Member of The Satanic Temple!


Upcoming special events:

July 4th

Halloween Night

Now booking October 2023! 

Join us for a walking tour of Salem, free of superstitious & supernatural influences.

About your Guide:



The fanatical religious Puritans first arrive in Salem, they associated a "dark spirit" of the natives with the devil himself. 



The Salem Witch Trials tear the community apart. It is later referred to as "A delusion of Satan."



The Satanic Temple arrives in Salem, shedding a truthful light upon the darkness and ignorance that propagates witch hunts, of both the past and present.

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